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Anat loves to try new things, from concepts to gadgets. She is a true pioneer (without the horse).

Some of Anat’s accomplishments include:

  • Creating the first human resource plan for Four Seasons Hotels (while a graduate student at the Cornell Hotel School).
  • Developing and implementing operational standards for Commonwealth Hospitality (a multi-brand hotel management company with 75 hotels in 6 countries)
  • Working with entrepreneurs and multinationals (Circlet Foods to KLM) to build brands and bring new products and services to market.
  • Selling, developing and producing TV movies from idea and/or book or script to TV screens.
  • Building a multimedia travel company including the first travel decision engine on the Internet.
  • Contributing to national news shows (TV and radio) and print publications as the “Travel Fanatic.”
  • Restructuring and building Mike’s Hard Lemonade to a $200 million behemoth in the ultra competitive beer industry.
  • Writing, producing and directing an award winning independent documentary film “Beer Wars” and securing a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Later selling the film to Netflix, Hulu, Showtime and CNBC.
  • Creating a social media campaign by partnering with Yelp, Reason Foundation and others to spread the word of the film’s release culminating in topping Twitter’s trending topics on the day of the theatrical premiere.
  • Sharing stories and moving audiences to act while speaking to corporations and associations about disruption, innovation and the need to constantly adapt in an ever-changing world.