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A few fun facts about Anat that hopefully don’t fall into TMI territory…

  • Anat has lived in:
  • She’s all about re-invention. Never standing still in her career but also personal style (witness the ever evolving hairstyles and outfits through the years in photos and videos).
  • Anat is animated. Really! She’s been immortalized as a animated character both online and in her feature film.
  • She is allergic to alcohol (yes, it is possible) and yet that didn’t stop her from growing mike’s hard lemonade or making a film about the beer industry. She never sampled any of the liquid in the process.
  • She loves to travel and her goal is to visit every continent. Only one left!
  • She LOVES technology and is an early adopter. She had an Apple Lisa while at Four Seasons in 1984 and bought her first cell phone (Panasonic) in 1989. She joined AOL in 1994, Amazon in 1998 and had a BlackBerry in 1999. Sadly, she did not hang onto any of these now archaic, museum worthy devices.
  • She is opinionated about everything except for sports. She loves speaking and being interviewed on TV not for the attention but the interaction and intellectual stimulation.
  • She devours books and films on every possible device and screen.
  • She’s a human sponge who consumes information through 20+ subscriptions to daily newsletters.
  • She lives in Los Angeles. For the weather. Because she’d rather be swimming than skiing.
  • Her current obsession is Class Pass. She’s especially into yoga, Pilates and meditation. Don’t judge.