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Anat’s Story

Force of Nature

Anat Baron is a force of nature whose forte is building brands. Her extensive background as both executive and entrepreneur put her at the forefront of consumer trends shaping our world. A born risk taker with a sharp analytical mind, collaborative leadership style and wicked sense of humor, Anat has created groundbreaking products and services, built winning teams and driven profitability for companies of all sizes.


Anat is a gifted problem solver who never (ok, rarely) accepts things at face value. While she loves the creative process, she has first hand experience in moving an idea from concept to reality. A masterful marketer and operator, she believes in flawless execution above all. Anat’s obsession with the customer experience began in the hotel industry and continues to keep her up at night in her current tech startup.


Anat’s eclectic career has put her both in front of and behind the camera and on stage speaking to hundreds or thousands at meetings and conferences around the world. She’s been quoted or interviewed in 500+ TV, radio, print and online press outlets, including; CNN, Fox News, CBS Morning News, Inc., WB Morning News, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles Times, New York Post and many more.


Anat lives out loud and is active on every social network including: