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There Are No Shortcuts

(Do the Hard Work)

We live in a world of instant gratification, hacks and overnight successes. It’s the story we’re told through the media and shared endlessly on social channels. The reality is that fad diets don’t work (sorry about that liquid cleanse), companies don’t get to a billion dollars in a year. Even the outliers that the media loves to propagate started somewhere — in a basement, dorm room or coffee shop. Many had to pivot before hitting it big. And while large established companies struggle to keep up with startups, it turns out that innovation doesn’t always mean being first.

The truth is that success requires a series of steps, otherwise known as work. Let’s face it, even if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, it’s still work. Starting a business, writing a novel, losing weight – no matter how committed you are – require you to put in the work. Get rich schemes are just that and unicorns are pure fantasy.

This book won’t provide shortcuts (stop reading now if you’re looking for magic bullets) rather it will use real world, first hand stories about companies and people who have “made it.” Each one took a unique journey and while your road may differ, hopefully you can learn from their experience as you pursue your path.

In a nutshell…

What? Our ever-changing changing world is experiencing disruption through technology across the globe. The big question facing business today is how to stay relevant when the old rules no longer apply. This book will examine how brands and industries changed/adapted on their journey and how everything old is new again.

How? Anat Baron has been on the leading edge of the business world in her 25+ year career. Her (eclectic) personal journey through multiple industries will help illuminate past lessons learned and where we’re headed.

Who? This book is targeted towards executives and entrepreneurs who want to learn from others’ successes and failures.

Why? Beyond inspiration and self-help, this book will take you behind the scenes of a diverse group of businesses and leaders and provide lessons learned from each journey.

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